The Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme (NDP3® Complete)
is a flexible, comprehensive assessment and therapy resource for the management of severe speech disorders.

NDP3® is used by thousands of speech and language professionals around the world
and comprises an extensive treatment package, including therapy principles and techniques and a large set of images, worksheets and activities.

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NDP3: for the management of developmental verbal dyspraxia/childhood apraxia of speech and other severe speech disorders

  • Is a complete and highly flexible resource

    spanning early speech skills to connected speech.

  • Starts from the child’s strengths

    incorporating the speech skills he already has.

  • Develops a complete inventory of speech sounds

    at different levels of phonotactic complexity.

  • Provides detailed guidance on treatment planning and management

    how to progress in graded achievable steps and what strategies to adopt to deal with problems.

  • Is designed primarily for 3-7 year olds

    but can be adapted for younger or older children.

  • Includes over 500 structured worksheets

    to allow for practice at home and school.

  • Allows comprehensive ‘tailoring’

    to each child’s specific needs.

  • Ensures that therapy remains fresh

    engaging and stimulating.

NDP3 is a complete resource – from early speech skills to connected speech and includes a range of enhanced and unique materials for assessment and therapy.

NDP3 is the most comprehensive edition of The Nuffield Programme ever produced. NDP was originally published in 1985, modified in 1992 and considerably updated, expanded and enhanced in this third edition.

NDP3 was first published in 2004, and reprinted in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2024.

  • Is suitable for any child with a speech disorder.

  • Provides for parental/school involvement in therapy.

  • Is most suitable for the 3-7 year age range but can be adapted for younger and older children.

  • Affords great therapeutic flexibility.

  • Provides detailed guidance on planning and management.

  • Is ‘clinician-friendly.’

  • Ensures that therapy remains fresh, engaging and stimulating.

NDP3 Complete binders:
Therapy Manual: 248 pages. Assessment: 21-page speech Assessment with seven speech assessment flip-books (including, new for 2024 – “Visit to the Zoo” story re-tell), 84 early sound making worksheets and 42 double-sided Articulogram cards. Therapy Resources 1, 2, 3: advice sheets, templates, voice worksheets and over 500 structured therapy worksheets

NDP3 picture resources can be used with any child with a speech disorder, but the NDP3 therapy approach is most suitable for children who have significant difficulties in producing single consonant and vowel sounds and whose connected speech is characterised by typical “dyspraxic” features such as sequencing difficulties, inconsistency, speech sound omissions and substitutions and supra-segmental difficulties.

NDP3 is designed to be used under the direction of a speech and language therapist, who has the clinical skills to plan and implement therapy based on an individual child’s speech profile. However, parents and school support staff have a crucial role to play in carrying out practice exercises away from the therapy sessions.

The NDP3 therapy approach is supported by the NDP3 picture materials. Single consonants and vowels sounds are represented by picture cues and words of different phonotactic structures, phrases and sentences are depicted by simple attractive line drawings.

The NDP3 Therapy Manual provides therapy advice and guidance, but it is not prescriptive. A speech and language therapist has the flexibility to plan an individual therapy programme for a specific child using the materials.

Speech Assessment flip-books:
Six 20-page flip-books: CV/VC, CVC, CVCV, Multisyllabic, Consonant clusters, Phrases and Sentences, plus, new for 2024 – “Visit to the Zoo” story re-tell.

Therapy picture cards:
Four sets of 478 Therapy picture cards, (1,912 total), in colour (89 x 65mm), plus NDP3 index cards and 30 blank index cards for custom use

The NDP3 Manual provides very detailed information on treatment planning and management. Speech and language therapists can consult the manual for guidance on where to start and how to progress in small achievable steps and what strategies to adopt to deal with problems.

NDP3 aims to be “clinician friendly” by providing therapy cards to use in therapy sessions and over 500 photocopiable worksheets, to use in both therapy sessions and for homework practice.

Suitable age range
The NDP approach is most suitable for children aged 3-7 years, but it can be adapted for younger or older children.

Keeping therapy engaging
The therapy approach is based on frequent, repetitive practice to learn and establish new skills. The NDP3 Manual provides hundreds of ideas for activities, tasks and games to ensure that therapy remains engaging.

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