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Ordering and Delivery

Can I order using a purchase order?

Yes, we are happy to accept purchase orders from everyone who uses our resources.

Please make sure that the order includes a delivery contact name and telephone number at the delivery address.

We will generally arrange shipping, send an invoice and leave you to make payment under normal terms.

Can I order online?

Yes. Please click here to go to our online store

How long does delivery take?

Heavy items (NDP3 Complete, Therapy cards) will be delivered by courier.

Lighter items (Assessment, Articulograms, NDP3 Speech Builder) will be delivered by post.

Average delivery time in working days for courier delivery:
Mainland UK 1-2 days
Ireland 1-4 days
Europe, Australia, USA, Canada 2-5 days
Rest of world 5-9 days

Average delivery time in working days for postal delivery:
Mainland UK 1-2 days
Ireland 1-4 days
Europe, Australia, USA, Canada 3-7 days
Rest of world 5-14 days

Can I arrange my own international shipping?

Yes. We are happy to work with you or your freight forwarder to arrange shipping anywhere in the world. Please contact us with details of your order so that we can make the most economical arrangements for you.

Can I collect my order from your warehouse?

Yes, just let us know when you order and we can arrange for you to collect.

Our warehouse is in Buckinghamshire, UK.

How do I order Speech Builder at the parent/carer rate?

Click here to download the parent/carer order form.

You can pay by cheque, bank transfer or credit card/Paypal.

If you would like to pay by credit card or Paypal, please contact us and we will send a Paypal Request for Payment that can be settled online with any credit card or a Paypal account.

About NDP3 Complete

What is the difference between NDP3 Complete colour edition and NDP3 Complete black and white edition?

NDP3 Complete is available with either colour Therapy cards and flip-books (colour edition) or black and white Therapy cards and flip-books (black and white edition); the two editions are otherwise identical.

How much does NDP3 weigh?

NDP3 Complete (in colour or black and white) weighs approximately 16kg, or 35lbs – it is a substantial set of resources.

NDP3 Therapy cards weigh approximately 5kg, or 11lbs.

NDP3 Articulograms and Assessment flip-book weigh approximately 0.5kg or 1lb.

NDP3 Speech Builder (packed for mailing) is 0.25kg, or 0.5lb (or, as a download, the weight of a few trillion electrons).

Does NDP3 come with a set of Therapy cards and/or Assessment flip-books?

NDP3 Complete includes a full set of Therapy picture cards and a set of Assessment flip-books. The cards and flip-books are also available separately for therapists who find them a useful addition to their range of materials.

Can I just buy the Therapy picture cards or the Assessment flip-books?

Yes – cards and flip-books are available separately, in colour or black and white. Please note that the Assessment forms, for use with the Assessment flip-books, are only available with NDP3 Complete.

When bought separately, do the Assessment flip-books include the NDP3 Assessment?

No, the Assessment forms are only available with NDP3 Complete.

NDP3 Speech Builder

What are the licensing options for Speech Builder?

NDP3 Speech Builder is licensed on a ‘per-user’ basis.

It is available under a range of options: single user, 2-user, 3-user, 5-user and 10-user.

Please contact us for information on using Speech Builder for the education and training of speech and language therapists and other professionals.

Is NDP3 Speech Builder available to download?

Yes, details of how to download and install are provided at the point of purchase.

Does NDP3 Speech Builder work on any operating system?

Yes, NDP3 Speech Builder works on any computer that can run Adobe AIR.


Can I pay in my own currency?

We are happy to accept payment by cheque or bank transfer in Sterling, Australian/US/Canadian/New Zealand Dollars or Euros.

Our online store allows you to pay in your local currency – please make sure you select the correct country for delivery.

For purchase orders, we are happy to accept payment in any currency. If your local currency isn’t shown in our online store or on our order form, please contact us.

Can I pay in my local currency online?

Yes – our online store will allow you to buy resources priced in your local currency. Please ensure that you select the correct country of delivery. You can change the country of delivery even when items are in your shopping cart.

If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact us.

NDP3 Training courses

Do you run training courses in the management of developmental verbal dyspraxia/childhood apraxia of speech?

Yes. We currently run courses for qualified SLTs. You can find details of the planned courses on our Training page.

We run two courses each year at University College London (UCL). These are generally around May and November. Please refer to our Training page – and contact UCL directly if you wish to book.

Can you run a training course for my organisation/in my area?

We offer standard and bespoke courses for SLTs. Click here for more information.

Do you run training courses for parents?

We don’t run training courses for parents. Each child’s needs are different and methods that may work with one child could be unhelpful for another. A therapy programme should be designed for an individual child by the therapist working with him or her.

Resources such as NDP3 Speech Builder, used under the guidance of a qualified Speech and Language Therapist, can be a useful addition to therapy. Parents should always be guided by the therapist as to how best to support their child.

Some of the organisations listed on our Links page provide advice and support for families.

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