Now it’s easy to create and share
targeted, colourful materials and engage children in therapy

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Speech Builder lets speech and language professionals, assistants, teachers, parents and children create and work with therapy worksheets, cards, stickers, activities and games.

Speech Builder has been designed both as an accessible tool for the therapist and a means to engage children in the creation of materials and help them focus on therapy.


Speech Builder includes the complete library of 700 images from NDP3. It also includes a full set of 43 Jolly Phonics phoneme illustrations. We plan to add further resources as they are developed.

Speech Builder was created to support the strategies and therapy techniques of NDP3 in dealing with severe speech disorders, but can equally be used at other levels to provide independent planned and ad-hoc treatment all the way through to connected speech.


The software includes the complete set of NDP3 sequencing, transition, grid and cards templates. And the entire database of images, for example, can be searched by title, key sounds, phonetics and word or phrase type, so it’s easy find exactly the right words and images.


Images and templates can be coloured in on the screen using a very simple paintbrush – just click a colour and click the image. Images can be freely moved around, enlarged, shrunk, distorted, rotated and duplicated.

Text can be added in single lines and paragraphs, in a range of styles, including phonetic characters, using a simple palette.

Add lines and paragraphs of text in regular and phonetic type

NDP3 Notes on each project, such as advice to parents, can be added using a tab in the corner of the stage and can be updated and saved at any time. Projects can be shared with other therapists, teachers and parents.


Add a title and notes on each project for parents and other therapists

NDP3 Projects can be printed to any standard colour printer. Sheets of card and stickers are provided in a range of sizes for activities, rewards and games.

Speech Builder: Very easy to use, a growing resource, engaging for children, and packed with possibilities. An introduction and demonstration video is shown above.

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NDP3 Speech Builder for parents and carers

The parents or carers of any child receiving speech and language therapy from any SLT/P using NDP3 may buy a copy of NDP3 Speech Builder for home use for £49.

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