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ISBN 9780 956 2012 01/32

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Therapy manual

Provides detailed guidance on planning and management, how to progress in achievable steps and what strategies to adopt to deal with problems.

Assessment resources

Speech assessment containing 19pp assessment forms and six 20-page Assessment flip-books in black and white: CV/VC, CVC, CVCV, Multisyllabic, Consonant clusters, Phrases and Sentences.


42 A5 vowel/consonant Articulogram cards in colour and 84 single sound/CV syllable worksheets.

Therapy worksheets

Over 550 prepared worksheets and a full set of blank worksheets to give clinicians flexibility to design worksheets specific to an individual child’s profile.

Therapy cards

Four sets of 478 pre-sorted Therapy picture cards (1,912 in total), in black and white, plus index cards, in presentation box.

NDP3 Speech Builder

  • Create and work with therapy worksheets, cards, stickers, activities and games.
  • Includes the complete NDP3 image library and a full set of 43 Jolly Phonics phoneme illustrations
  • Quickly find images by phonetics, letter sounds and title. And add vibrant colour with a ‘magic paintbrush’
  • Add text in any size and colour. Add phonetics using a simple phonetic/letter sound palette
  • Add notes on each project and share as full-page images with other therapists, teachers and parents
  • Print projects to any standard printer