NEW for 2024: NDP3 Speech Assessment “Visit to the Zoo” story re-tell flip-book and Assessment Forms
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Update your NDP3 Assessment with the “Visit to the Zoo” story re-tell – New for 2024.

The “Visit to the Zoo” story re-tell – a 159-word 8-page story of a family trip – is an additional assessment of connected speech (beyond the imitation of phrases and sentences) for therapists to use as an observational exercise.

The story is read to the child, while showing the flip-book pictures. The child is then encouraged to re-tell the story using the pictures as a prompt.

The child’s responses are transcribed onto the Assessment form – live or from an audio recording. The connected speech checklist (on the next page of the Assessment) can be used to describe the child’s connected speech and to rate severity.

All NDP3 Assessment packs – within NDP3 Complete or as separate items – now include the “Visit to the Zoo” story re-tell.

This item – the flip-book only plus the updated Assessment – is for therapists who wish to update their existing NDP3 Speech Assessment pack.


SKU: NDP3SAZAF Category:
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