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NDP3® – expert training in the assessment and management of childhood apraxia of speech

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We’re running live NDP3 training courses for SLTs/SLPs working with CAS/DVD throughout 2024. We also offer the same training resources on demand – so you can study in your own time and at your own pace. 

“I found it very informative. The time, materials, presenter were all fantastic”

If you missed our sold-out sessions – or completed the first 2 of 4 modules – we hope you’ll join NDP3 editor Dr Pam Williams in her acclaimed Zoom training …

“I loved everything about this course. Lovely to meet Pam and the fact that it was so accessible being online felt like I was sitting right in front of her from the comfort of my own home”

The nature of CAS/DVD

  • The nature of DVD/CAS and typical presenting difficulties
  • Updated evidence-based information on DVD/CAS assessment and differential diagnosis
  • The NDP3 assessment procedure, case profiling and intervention approach
  • Effective use of NDP3 in clinical practice including treatment planning and goal setting
“Pam is fantastic at delivering training. It is wonderful to be able to learn from the expert”

A deeper look at assessment, problem solving and progress

  • A deeper look at NDP3 with supported assessment, treatment planning and goal-setting exercises
  • Examination of clinical queries and case management problem-solving
  • Analysis of child speech assessment, creating case profiles and treatment plans
  • Identification of priorities, specific treatment goals, stimuli and resources and progress monitoring
“Pam is an excellent presenter, and knowledgeable clinician and researcher, and the pace of delivery was great too … I also liked the breakout rooms and opportunity to brainstorm with different therapists. Thank you very much!”

Easy to book – simple to participate

Our online courses are hosted by Course Beetle – experts in education, health and social care training. We are happy to accept NHS, corporate and independent bookings with discounted options for card payments, SLT/SLP students and returners to practice.

All classes start at the same time: BST 0930–1230 | AET 2030–2330 | ACT 2000–2300 | AWT 1730–2030 | NZST 2130–0030 | SGT 1730–2030 | EST 0430–0730 | PST 0130–0430 | UTC 0930-1230

For booking options and more click here to visit NDP3 training at Course Beetle

Prices include access to the course handouts.

Participants also need a copy (post-2015 edition) of the NDP3 Manual for Training. If you need one, it is available at a significant discount here:


Look for the ‘Exclusively for online training’ items and check that you’re on the correct shop page for your country. (You will need to sign up to a course before purchasing.)

We ship internationally by DHL Express, but please ensure that you order your copy in time to take delivery prior to the course.

“Absolutely wonderful series of courses. The activities are designed to encourage critical thinking and problem solving. Dr Williams is an excellent facilitator. This was really such an enriching experience. Thank you!!“

What SLTs and SLPs are saying about Pam’s NDP3 Training …

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our online courses:

“The course was well structured and methodical. It was clear how to immediately incorporate the content in practice”

“The structure – very clear and each piece built on the next”

“The video examples, generosity with resources and the slick platform for accessing resources”

“The mix of information, video and specific examples; very enjoyable course”

“Online delivery!! Pam did a great job at being engaging via Zoom”

“Good re-cap of DVD/CAS and reference to other sources of information; reference to the evidence base; video examples; opportunity to ask questions and discuss cases”

“The presenter was engaging and the notes and videos provided an in-depth overview of the content”

“The presenter was knowledgeable, clear and practical”

“I’m so grateful for these online learning opportunities. Thank you for having such great speakers and evidence-based approaches to build our expertise. It helps to boost my confidence in my skills during these difficult times”

“It was very well structured and supported with great handouts and video examples”

“Presenter was extremely experience and knowledgeable, useful content, lots of supporting resources and information, chance to ask questions at the end”

“Presenter – Pam is great”

“It was a great refresher on assessment and differential diagnosis and was a really good detailed introduction to planning and carrying out therapy using the Nuffield approach”

“The information was presented very clearly and explained thoroughly. I now have new tools to improve the quality of my practice when working with this client group”

“It was hard to just list three things I liked as the course was so beneficial. It was reassuring to find that my current state of knowledge re. differential diagnosis was sound but I feel much more confident now. I will also be able to plan therapy for these children in a more structured way and hopefully demonstrate progress clearly to parents/carers”

“The course was very useful and clear in explaining how the Nuffield materials can be used. Pam was a fantastic presenter”

“People from all over the world attending! Great to hear how things work in different countries, different assessments, resources etc. Pam delivered the material at pace that was calm and easy to process, not rushed at all. It felt very informal and I didn’t feel intimidated to ask questions. Clear goals for each module”

“Very easy to follow; I felt comfortable asking questions; It was very informative”

“Pam is so knowledgeable about the area that it was really helpful when she was explaining things”

“Thank you this was a really helpful course, and the fact it could be offered online meant it was very accessible in terms of travel and time commitment”

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