The Nuffield Centre Dyspraxia Programme 3rd Edition (NDP3) was first published in 2004 following nearly a decade of development and building on over twenty years’ practice with previous NDP editions.

Recently updated:

  • Articulograms – a set of 42 A5 Articulogram cards in colour
  • 84 Articulogram sound making worksheets
  • New easy-to-use engineered box for Therapy cards
  • Tougher dividers and tabs for many years’ use by multiple therapists

The Programme comprises five ringbound folders as detailed below; includes a 19-page speech assessment with flip-books; a set of 42 A5 colour articulogram cards; an easy-to-use engineered box of therapy cards (four sets of 478 cards, with polypropylene dividers), all contained within a robust packing carton.

Folder contents

Folder 1 – Therapy manual: a new detailed manual (248 pages) providing a comprehensive reference resource, guidance notes and planning advice.

Folder 1          The Therapy Manual contents
Chapter 1       Theory: Literature Review
Chapter 2       Therapy: Literature Review
Chapter 3       Assessment
Chapter 4       Therapy Approach and Treatment Planning
Chapter 5       Therapy, section by section
Chapter 6       Developing Literacy Skills
Chapter 7       Case Studies
Appendix 1    Speech Error Patterns
Appendix 2    Equipment
Appendix 3    Articulograms- diagrammatic cues
Appendix 4    Eliciting speech sounds
Appendix 5    Ideas for working with older/younger children
Appendix 6    Tasks, Activities, Games
Appendix 7    Normative Issues

Folder 2 – Assessment resources: an updated speech assessment containing 19 photocopiable assessment forms and six 20-page assessment flip-books of line drawn pictures – available in colour or black and white – packed in a polypropylene wallet.

Now also includes a set of 42 A5 consonant and vowel articulograms in colour, laminated for durability, packed in a polypropylene wallet, plus 84 new black and white sound making worksheets.

NDP3® Assessment HCE transcription

Australian Speech Pathologists are increasingly using the Harrington, Cox and Evans (HCE) (1997) transcription system in preference to the Mitchell (1946) transcription system, for describing Australian English. We are therefore pleased to provide a phonemic transcription of the NDP3 Assessment single vowels, words, phrases and sentences for a typical Australian adult speaker, using the HCE system. The document is a 5-page PDF.


We are very grateful to Felicity Laurence, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist from Tasmania, and to Professor Felicity Cox, Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University, New South Wales, for their help in this matter.

Click here to download the NDP3® Assessment HCE transcription

Folders 3-5 – Now includes revised oro-motor advice and exercices.

The folders include over 500 structured photocopiable therapy worksheets, featuring child-friendly designs and presentations and additional therapy sections. The worksheets are organised into different levels: single sounds, C+V /V+C, CV, CVCV, CVC, multisyllabic words, clusters, phrase and clause word combinations and from sentence level to connected speech. Blank worksheets are also provided to give clinicians flexibility to design their own worksheets, specific to an individual child’s profile of difficulties.

Therapy cards – new packaging: Incorporates an easy-to-use engineered box, with lid, containing four sets of 478 cards (1,912 cards in total). Now also includes durable polypropylene dividers (vowel, consonant, CV, CVC, etc) and a set of blank dividers for your own use.

Above: Six 20-page Assessment flip-books (also available in black and white and as loose cards in colour): CV/VC, CVC, CVCV, Multisyllabic, Consonant clusters, Phrases and Sentences. Laminated for durability. Also available as a separate item.

Above: Articulogram cards: 42 double-sided vowel and consonant cards in colour. Laminated for durability. Also available as a separate item.

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