Welcome to the Speech Builder support page. Please watch the videos below. If you need help with installation, see ‘Installing NDP3 Speech Builder for the first time’ below.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions in the videos above or the ‘How do I?’ section below, please contact us by email at help@ndp3.org

Installing NDP3 Speech Builder for the first time

We have had reports that Adobe AIR is not working properly with MacOS Catalina. If you are currently using NDP3 Speech Builder we would suggest that you do not upgrade to Catalina until the issue is resolved by Adobe. There is a fix in the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page.

1. Before installing NDP3 Speech Builder, your computer needs to have a copy of the Adobe AIR Installer running:

Click here to download Adobe AIR

You will need to click on the “I accept the terms …” check box. Then choose the version your computer needs. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Adobe AIR. When done, come back to this tab.

2. Click here to download NDP3 Speech Builder

Locate the downloaded file ‘NDP3 Speech Builder 113’

– Double-click the file to begin installation (or right-click and choose ‘open with …’ >Adobe AIR)

3. Follow the on-screen instructions

License key: Speech Builder allows up to 4 weeks’ free use before requiring a license key.

The key must be applied under the login of the user who will use the software.

Click here to download the USER GUIDE and LICENSE AGREEMENT (PDF format – Adobe Acrobat Reader required) to your computer.

At the point of registration, the software requires one-time only Internet access to the license key server. For secure networks, you may need to add this to your list of trusted sites. Please contact info@ndp3.org if you need further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Click here to download the USER GUIDE)

If you need to move your copy of Speech Builder from one PC (first PC) to another (second PC):
Contact us by email, with a note of your license key, and we will reset it, ready for the re-installation/upgrade.

If replacing: uninstall NDP3 Speech Builder on the first PC and install Speech Builder on the second PC
If upgrading: in most cases, you will not need to re-install the software but may need to re-enter the license key.

When prompted, type in your license key
If you need to transfer projects from the first to the second PC, see below

To transfer projects from one PC or Mac to another:

Create a target folder on the new PC or Mac
  • Create a Project folder within the new Speech Builder, and give it a name you’ll recognise – say ‘Existing Projects’

Locate existing Projects on the old PC or Mac

  • On a PC, Projects are stored in a subdirectory underneath … NDP3 Speech Builder>projects>myprojects
  • On a Mac, Projects are stored in Macintosh HD>Users>[User name]>Library>Preferences>NDP3-Speech-Builder>Local Store>projects>myprojects ([User name] may be your name or some other name set up when the Mac was first made ready to use.) To see this folder you may need to tell your Mac to show normally hidden folders: in Finder, hold down Alt and click Go at the top of your screen, then click on Library to open up the, normally hidden, folder.
Copy the Projects
  • Copy all of the files from the original Speech Builder myprojects folder/s over to the target folder ‘Existing Projects’ on the new PC or Mac.
  • We suggest you drag these to a memory stick/external hard disk in order to facilitate the transfer.

You will probably need to have your license key reset. Please contact us by email, with a note of your key, and we will reset it.

You can add the license key at any time (click on the Extras button) up to 4 weeks after installation.
After 4 weeks or so, the software will require the key before running. You need only enter the key once.
Speech Builder will then run only under the login of the user who entered the key.

This error relates to the installation of Adobe AIR under OS Catalina and can be bypassed.

After starting the installation of Adobe AIR:

  • Press Command-Spacebar. This will open Spotlight Search.
  • Type “Terminal”
  • Select the Terminal application and press the return key.
  • Copy and paste the following line into Terminal:
    sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /Library/Frameworks/Adobe\ AIR.framework

If you are asked for a password, type the password you use to access your Mac – it won’t appear on the screen – and press return.

Continue with the AIR installation and install NDP3 Speech Builder from the download.

This issue may arise where existing Projects are being used as the basis for new Projects, perhaps to take advantage of images that are already coloured in. If this occurs, please create the new Project using the ‘New Project’ button, adding a template and images as required from scratch. Then save the Project as normal.

If you haven’t previously entered the key, it’s time to do so. Your key is usually printed on the reverse of your user guide or provided on your purchase receipt/invoice.

Sometimes, when a computer is updated/upgraded, NDP3 Speech Builder will request that the license key is tapped in again. Please contact us by email, with a note of your key, and we will reset it.

If you can’t find your key, please contact info@ndp3.org

Speech Builder is offered on a per-user license. If a license key has been entered by a user under their login, that copy of Speech Builder will only work for that user. If you attempt to use the same license for an additional user login, Speech Builder will not accept it.

If you need additional user licenses, please contact info@ndp3.org – we will always offer you the right number of licenses at the lowest possible cost.

Sometimes, when a computer is updated/upgraded, NDP3 Speech Builder will request that the license key is tapped in again. Please contact us by email, with a note of your key, and we will reset it.

If a colleague leaves your organisation you may need to reallocate Speech Builder to a new login.

Please email info@ndp3.org and we will reset the key so that it can be used for someone else.

If you need to transfer Speech Builder projects from one user to another, please refer to the question opposite: “I need to transfer my NDP3 Speech Builder projects from one PC to another”

This error probably doesn’t mean that the installer file is damaged but that there is another Windows-related issue.

The following process should resolve the problem:

  1. Restart your PC Uninstall Adobe AIR Uninstall NDP3 Speech Builder using Windows control panel.
  2. Ensure your computer’s system date is correct. Having a system date too far in the past or future will trigger the error.
  3. Disable any firewall and turned real-time scanning off. (Remember to re-enable and switch back on after installation.)
  4. Make sure you have the latest Windows service packs/software updates.
  5. Run the Microsoft troubleshooter http://support2.microsoft.com/mats/program_install_and_uninstall/en-us.
  6. Go to Adobe http://get.adobe.com/air/ and ensure that you are running the latest AIR version for your system.
  7. Download the NDP3 Speech Builder AIR file from the “Installing NDP3 Speech Builder for the first time” section above.
  8. Install NDP3 Speech Builder from the download and follow the setup instructions above.

… please email info@ndp3.org

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