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Exclusively for use with online NDP3 Training – save over 50% on the recommended price.

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The NDP3 Therapy manual (Manual for Training) is an essential accessory to NDP3 Training. You will use it throughout our 2- and 4-session online courses.(If you already have a copy of the ring-bound NDP3 Therapy Manual from 2012 or later you don’t need to purchase this item – though you may wish to consider NDP3 Speech Builder – please see the main shop page.)

The Manual provides detailed guidance on planning and management, how to progress in achievable steps and what strategies to adopt to deal with problems.

  • The Manual is also available with NDP3 Speech Builder – please go back in your browser to see the product listing.

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SKU: NDP3TMO-1 Category:

About international pricing: The NDP3 Manual for Training is a substantial book and weighs 1.02kg packed for shipping.

The difference between its UK and international cost is principally that packing and shipping worldwide is approximately £25/AU$50/US$30; currency conversion/margin hedging accounts for the remaining difference.

We appreciate that funding for clinical work in speech therapy is hard won and in support of the work of therapists worldwide we have offered our items on a not-for-profit basis for 30 years. We hope that the cost of engaging with our online training does not deter you – we receive excellent feedback and I am sure you will find it most helpful in your work.

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