NDP3 Complete with NDP3 Speech Builder

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All of our resources – and a significant saving

User Licenses Price
NDP3 Colour with 1 Speech Builder License £325.00
NDP3 Colour with 2 Speech Builder Licenses £385.00
NDP3 Colour with 3 Speech Builder Licenses £445.00
NDP3 Colour with 4 Speech Builder Licenses £505.00
NDP3 Colour with 5 Speech Builder Licenses £565.00

Therapy manual

Provides detailed guidance on planning and management, how to progress in achievable steps and what strategies to adopt to deal with problems.

Assessment resources

Speech assessment containing a 19-page assessment pack and six 20-page Assessment flip-books in colour: CV/VC, CVC, CVCV, Multisyllabic, Consonant clusters, Phrases and Sentences.


42 A5 vowel/consonant Articulogram cards in colour plus 84 single sound/CV syllable worksheets.

Therapy worksheets

Over 550 prepared worksheets and a full set of blank worksheets to give clinicians flexibility to design worksheets specific to an individual child’s profile.

Therapy cards

Four sets of 478 pre-sorted Therapy picture cards (1,912 in total), in colour, plus index cards, in presentation box.

NDP3 Speech Builder

  • Create and work with therapy worksheets, cards, stickers, activities and games
  • Includes the complete NDP3 image library and a full set of 43 Jolly Phonics phoneme illustrations
  • Quickly find images by phonetics, letter sounds and title. And add vibrant colour with a ‘magic paintbrush’
  • Add text in any size and colour. Add phonetics using a simple phonetic/letter sound palette
  • Add notes on each project and share as full-page images with other therapists, teachers and parents
  • Print projects to any standard printer